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Faith guides us through the lessons of Rainbow, just as our Faith guides us through life. This lesson teaches us to have Faith in God, in each other, and in every righteous thing. Most importantly, this lesson teaches us to have Faith in ourselves. It shows us that when things get really difficult, with Faith, we are strong enough to get through anything.

The lesson of Hope teaches us not to despair and to never give up, because something better is just around the corner for each of us. We learn from Hope never to doubt that doing the "right" thing will be best for everyone in the end. The lesson of Hope says, "hang on, you matter, don't give up, keep working for that goal, because you will get there."

Charity teaches us to strive for the Pot of Gold that is at the end of all of our Rainbows in life. For a Rainbow Girl, the Pot of Gold is a life lived completely according to the lessons of Rainbow. The lesson of Charity shows us the principal treasures in the Pot of Gold, but also reminds us that there are many others that we find in a life of service. In other words, in making the lessons of Rainbow an everyday part of our lives, we will find life's true treasures. | copyright ©2024 | hosted by